How to send bulk SMS with Memorila SMS

Learn how to send Bulk SMS to thousands of numbers with MemorilaSMS within the shortest time and cheapest amount

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is the act of sending text messages to multiple phone numbers at once. You type in a single message and once you click a Send button, the message will be delivered to all the phone numbers, even if they are in thousands, within the shortest time.

Bulk SMS are sent to people or businesses with the intention of sensitizing them on vital issues. Bulk SMS is used for sending alerts, campaigns, ceremonies, conferences, greetings, love messages, marketing drives, meetings, notifications, PTA meetings, seminars, sermons, etc.

How to Send Bulk SMS

Sending bulk SMS is very easy and fast. If you are new user to MemorilaSMS, you will need to create an account. Once this is done, log in to the account. A new user is given five (5) sms credit units free.

An existing user only needs to log into his account. After logging in, do as follows:

1.      Click on Compose SMS link.

2.      In the form that will appear, type in the Sender Id; that is, the name that will appear as the header of the message. For example, it could be your name, the name of the organization, church, mosque, association, etc. But it shouldn’t be more than 11 characters.

3.      Type in all the phone numbers separated by a comma or put each of the numbers on a separate line. If you have created a phone book before, you can just select it.

4.      Type in the message you want to send.

5.      Finally, click on the Send button.

That is all you need to send bulk sms. Just like drinking pure water!

Who Uses Bulk SMS?

Anybody can use bulk SMS. The following is a list of people or systems that use bulk SMS for their various activities. It is not an exhaustive list.

o   Banks
o   Businesses
o   Schools
o   Politicians
o   Religious institutions
o   Marriage partners
o   Students
o   Teachers
o   Lovers
o   Associations, etc.

Benefits of Bulk SMS

With the advent of bulk SMS, many advantages and benefits have accrued to people and businesses which were not there before. These are a few:

o   Low cost. Sending bulk SMS is very cheap compared to conventional text messaging.

o   Effectiveness of delivery. With the fact that 97 percent of all text messages are read, much people will be reached. As a result, good and fast feedbacks will be received.

o   Customized SMS. All the text messages sent will appear with a customized sender’s name or number. This enables receivers to comprehend the sender or purpose of a message even before reading it.

o   No Stress. With bulk SMS, you are guaranteed that you will not encounter stress while sending messages to multiple phone numbers.

o   Extra-expenses avoided. The cost and stress of circulating messages using conventional invitations cards or letters, transportation, risk, etc. is eliminated.

o   Autopilot messaging. You can set your messages on autopilot; that is, setting them to deliver at a future date and time.

Cost of SMS Credits

Bulk SMS credits are very cheap. Our prices at are very competitive. Furthermore, we have flat rate for all networks in Nigeria.

Memorila SMS is a division of Barkamart Global Services Ltd. Please see our competitive prices below. We charge 1 unit per SMS to all GSM networks in Nigeria

Bulk SMS Prices

Quantity (No of SMS Units)

Price per unit

200 – 49,999




100,000 and above


The prices here do not apply to resellers. Reseller prices are on the Resellers’ page.

We charge 1 unit per SMS to all GSM networks in Nigeria.


Our Account Details are as follow:

Bank: Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc. 
Account Number: 0013348204


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. 
Account Number: 0169363290

Modes of Payment

1) Online Payment: You can purchase SMS units online using your ATM Cards. Simply click on the Buy SMS menu and select the With The ATM Credit/Debit Card option. Enter the quantity of SMS units you want to buy and click on Buy SMS button. The website will redirect you to a secure location where you can make payment securely using your cards. Once your transaction is completed successfully, your account is credited instantly.

2) Bank Deposit: Make deposits into our bank accounts using your USERNAME as Depositor’s Name. After paying, please text Depositor's Name, Amount, Purpose and Teller No. to 0809 498 9797 or email the details to Once we confirm your payment, we will credit your account immediately.

3) SMS Vouchers: You can also top up your account using SMS vouchers which you can get from our office or any of our agents nationwide.  Call 0809 498 9797 to enquire for an SMS Agent closest to you.

After purchasing the SMS voucher, simply click on the Buy SMS menu and select the With SMS Voucher option. Enter the Voucher Pin purchased and click on Buy SMS button. Your account will be credited automagically!

And that is it. The ABCD of bulk sms. If you have any enquiry, feel free to contact us. We are at your service.

To your success,

Memorila Team

Telephone: +234 809 498 9797
WhatsApp: +234 803 535 4008

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Twitter: @memorila
Facebook: /memorilasms







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How to buy bulk SMS and make payments

Buying bulk SMS from Memorila SMS is very straight forward. You can buy and make payment through the bank or online. See our pricing here!


How to send bulk SMS with Memorila SMS

Learn how to send Bulk SMS to thousands of numbers with MemorilaSMS within the shortest time and cheapest amount



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